Certified Arborist Training School
On the ground a man's best friend is his dog. 
Up in a tree its his CAT!

Introduction to CATS

The Tree Care Industry Association and the National Society of Arborculture have led the way in establishing important benchmarks that workers and doers in our industry have begun to implement.  Its an excellent program for educating everyone of us. 

CATS is a professional and comprehensive program that mentors working tree care professionals WHO HAVE NOT YET ACCOMPLISHED ALL OF THE CRITERIA that may be required by current industry standards.  CATS recognizes too that there are other key individuals like the customer who should be held responsible for safety as well. CATS asserts that from the very beginning day of working in any capacity with a tree care company a manager and even the customer should be able to know if everyone on the job the skills appropriate to carry out the job safely even if they cannot accomplish a good job by any other measurement.  CATS maintains that FROM DAY ONE a person should be aware of certain fundamentals that pertain to safety, ethics, science and the basic skills of their job.  The mission of CATS is to make that possible for EVERY MAN and EVERY TREE SERVICE.

CATS completely embraces already established industry certifications.  Our entire program makes it Priority 1 the decision to become certified by either ISA or TCIA as appropriate.  A financial commitment, a scheduled date for the attainment of the certification are required before any CAT certification is awarded. The extraordinary value of a CATS certification is that it promotes the idea that every member of the tree care industry should be a safety consultant or can demonstrates wholehearted commitment to that goal and the CATS Certification is only valid when everyone in a company is participating in the CATS program.  This means that unless an entire company has every single person enrolled in some recognizable and measurable form of training then no one person's certification can be dishonestly used to dupe an unsuspecting customer.  For the leaders of this industry that care, it is our responsibility to not work with companies and people who in some clear way fail to show that they are as fierce as a mountain lion when it comes to safety.  Anyone that is doing so today we would gladly accept immediately to help us promote this message and methodology for managing safety.

As in all endeavors we must start at the beginning.  Tree Climbers typically learn on the job.  Sales people and managers generally receive training as deemed appropriate by their employers.  Administrative staff are many times essential for the smooth integration of safety and customer service.  How can anyone, let alone the customer, know if these individuals have even the fundamental knowledge?

CATS measures and reports the achievement of every individual and presents their achievement in comparison with every CATS professional.  This represents a real time real human measurement not about what we want out of people BUT WHAT THEY ARE ACTUALLY ABLE TO DO and WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW.

This means that anyone, a manager, a fellow worker, even a customer
can in real time make a real world decision whether or not the person can do what the person has professed to be able to do. Giving intelligent people information and letting everyone help out in the business of a good outcome.

We are activists.  We are engaging the problem of helping our fellow tree care professionals BEGIN IMMEDIATELY growing and improving.  This has a place.  This is real.